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Early YearsEdit

Alex never met his mother, only knowing that she was a prostitute by the name of Charleen, and all he had ever been told was that she and his father would argue about politics and other matters. His father, Daniel Mercer, was a drug pusher who abused him frequently, and would pimp him out to local pediphiles ho liked young boys. In one incident, possibly at the age of ten (or younger), Alex heard his father having sex with an unidentified woman and had mistook it for her robbing his father.. As he entered the room, the woman became angry and left. In his rage, David began to beat Alex viciously, telling him that he should have allowed his mother to have an abortion.

At the age of 10, Alex went to get something from the store for his Father. He was stopped by two older boys who were making fun of his father, and calling his mother Charleen a whore, and then calling him 'whoreson'. One of the boys picked up a piece of fruit and smashed it in his face. Alex snatched the cigarette from his mouth and then put it out in his eye, tackled the other, viciously tugging his hair and clawing and biting his face. The people near on the street pulled him off, referring to his wildness as that of a mad dog. The first boy attacked had been partially blinded. When questioned about the incident, Walter refused to talk about his motivation for attacking the boys, leaving others to presume the assault was unprovoked.

Charlton HomeEdit

Due to this event, the circumstances of Alex's life at home were investigated and it was revealed that he had been regularly beaten and exposed to the worst excesses of a drug pushers lifestyle, it was also revealed that he was also often "pimped out" by his father to pedophiles, thus it was decided for him to be put under state care. He was admitted to the Lillian Charlton Home for Problem Children[1] in Gotham City. During this time it was noted that Alex did very well at schoolwork, excelling particularly in the fields of literature, polotical education, and mathematics, also he possessed impressive skill in the areas of gymnastics, kick boxing, wrestling, and balet.

During his years at school, Alex's father never attempted to make contact with him. At the age of sixteen, his father was found in an alleyway in the Bludhaven, murdered through the forced ingestion of 'Drano cleaning fluid', killed by his boss, George Paterson. When the news was broken to Alex, he said just one word: "Good".

The BeginningEdit

"It was easy to turn a blind eye when it was someone youve never met,

but she was...different, she didnt belong in Gotham".

-Alex Mercer about Kitty Genovese

Soon after Alex left the Charlton Home, he started living in a series of low-rent apartments where one of the tenants taught him Krav Maga in exchange for him teaching him spanish. He took up full employment in a menial capacity as an unskilled manual worker within the garment industry. He described to Kara Zor-L(Supergirl), "The job was bearable but unpleasant, I had to handle "delicate" clothing." One day there was a special order for a dress. He described the customer as a beautiful young girl with an Italian name, saying that she thought the dress looked ugly. Alex recalls thinking, that it would have looked quite beautiful on the young woman.

Two months afterward, he bought a newspaper and saw 'her' on the front page. He read the name Kitty Genovese and knew that she was the one that ordered the dress, "I'm sure that was the woman's name." Kitty Genovese had been raped and tortured outside of her apartment building while her neighbors just watched, not calling the police. It was this incident that pushed Mercer to become a costumed vigilante.

The Red DevilEdit

Alex knew that just like The Batman he to would need a persona that would strike fear into the hearts of criminals. He would choose a being that would strike teror into the soul of any wrong-doer, the devil himself. Alex gathered material from the garmet factory he worked fo and fashioned a costume. He also broke into the Gotham City Police Department evidence room and stole some supplies including; A grappling hook, kevlar vest, swat utility belt, and multivision googles. After six months of further training in Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, and Capeoira, he was finally ready and set out to begin his vigilante career, and would soon be known as "The Gotham City Red Devil". In the early stages of his career he would more than once assist Batman.

Training OverseasEdit

Battle for The Cowl and Batman RebornEdit

The next time Red Devil would be seen was after the apparent death of Bruce Wayne's following Final Crisis. Alex joined the Network, an alliance composed of most members of the Batman Family, the Birds of Prey, and a handful of their other allies, such as Knight & Squire. He worked with Batgirl and Oracle to break up a lethal gambling game being run by Hugo Strange.[2] Kite later helped Knight and Nightwing in a fight, and was left in charge of the Network's ground forces by the latter when he went to confront I-Am-Batman.

After Dick Grayson became Batman, Red Devil continued in his vigilante activities. One day, he ran into a crazed Man-Bat, and pursued him in an attempt to stop him from harming any civilians. He was had resolved to kill him before his actions caused greater havoc, but discovered that Man-Bat was hunting a killer, and was not just going on a rampage. He eventually wound up teaming with him and Batman to take down this killer, who had the ability to turn invisible. The timely actions of a shotgun toting priest allowed them to capture the killer.

Blackest NightEdit

Batman IncorperatedEdit




Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Master Detective: Mercer is a world class detective. After jining Batman Inccorperated He was rigorously trained by the Dark Knight in everything from escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other combat/non-combat disciplines.

Master Acrobat: Mercer is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills. He is regarded as the greatest human acrobat in the DC universe, second only to Nightwing.[5] Batman himself has stated that Mercer is most likely on par with Dick Grayson.

Master Martial Artist: As Kite, Mercer is a master of dozens of martial arts disciplines, with an emphasis on Aikido and Escrima, taught to him by Batman.[6] His preferred fighting style combines his weapon of choice a Bo Staff, with Tae Kwon Do,Wrestling, and Capoeira along with his acrobatic abilities.[7] He is considered one of the finest human combatants in unarmed combat, almost on par with Batman.

Weapons Proficiency: Through his martial arts training with Batman, he has become an expert on almost all types of weaponry, though he has excelled in Bo Staff.

Expert Marksman: As a result of his training in ninjutsu and with Batman, Kite almost never misses his targets, 9/10 times he's successful.

Master of Disguise: He is proficient in the art of disguise as having been taught by the Batman himself.


Strength LevelEdit






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